2014 MINI Goes Partying

There are only a few days left till the brand new 2014 MINI will make its official first public appearance. On the 18th of November the new MINI will be presented at the Oxford Plant, the factory where MINI cars are assembled in the U.K. at the moment. The Oxford Plant is the place where MINI was born in the first place thanks to the imaginative and creative mind of Sir Alec Issigonis. So, it only makes sense that the latest MINI car will be revealed there. The big night will be celebrated also with the live performance of the pop band Fenech Soler.

MINI is not so conventional, though. That means that one night couldn’t have been enough for the always hungry for more MINI aficionados and for the managers of this successful brand, which seem to always be ready to take new challenges. Therefore, the surprise in store for the audience is that the new MINI will be presented three times and on three different continents within a few days. Sounds great, don’t you think!? After the show in London, MINI will travel to Los Angeles or the city of angels as they used to call it. Alternative rockers Passion Pit will honor this special night celebrating the MINI, as they will be singing their tunes to the happy few that will have a taste of MINI’s charms before us.

Last, but not least, is Shanghai. China is a huge emerging market for car sales and, as a matter of fact, MINI’s sales are steadily growing in Asia’s most populous country and the world’s second largest economy. Since quite recently, all MINI models are available for sale for the first time in China. Indeed, the future for car manufacturers seems bright in China. The party for the 2014 MINI will be taking place in Shanghai on November 21st. This time, the quirky dance pop band Gossip will entertain the visitors and guests.

What’s more than this, some lucky Mini Cooper fans will have the chance to take this trip on three continents for free. Go ahead and try your luck!

2014 MINI Cooper: What is it all about?

Dubbed the ‘new original’ by the brand’s advertising campaign, the new MINI will meet the audiences with a few changes. The goal for the MINI executives was simple: to make driving an easier and more pleasant task. Let us now see what they changed.

Firstly, MINI 2014 will have a head-up display system. Through a small color screen the driver will be provided, whenever is needed, with information such as the car’s speed, traffic signs or local speed limits. This is, indeed, the future of driving. Drivers will no longer feel lonely as they drive, their cars will always be there for them! Apart from the entertaining side of the story, it goes without a saying that driving will also become a much safer activity.

Secondly, the new MINI will make parking easier and we know that this is one of the biggest fears for so many young drivers. Its new Parking Assistant will use information from both sensors and a video camera in order to assist the driver in the sometimes troubling case of parking. MINI’s setup will be able to find a proper parking spot with the driver having to take care of only the accelerator and the brake functions. You see? Parking was never easier before!
Finally, the new MINI will use for the first time an engine sourced from BMW, the company that owns the MINI brand. That is certainly great news, considering the huge degree of trust customers have on BMW’s technological expertise.  

The new 2014 MINI will certainly be available for sale in the first months of the coming year. Go for it! enjoy it! 

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